Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola
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Autor:  scout [ 4 lut 2010, o 02:02 ]
Tytuł:  Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola

Tak na marginesie porównajcie dwa hasła: (w hiszpańskiej wikipedii) (w angielskiej wikipedii) (w polskiej wikipedii)

Autor:  Castiglione [ 5 lip 2010, o 20:18 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola

Z okazji zbliżającej się 200 rocznicy bitwa pod Fuengirolą prezentujemy na naszych łamach dwa ciekawe - jak sądzę - artykuły:


Oba pochodzą z wydawanego za oceanem czasopisma Hetman. Publikacja za zgodą Prezesa Klubu Miłośników Militariów Polskich im. Andrzeja Zaremby Pana Andrzeja Bieńkowskigo. Za zgodę serdecznie dziękujemy.

Autor:  scout [ 30 sie 2010, o 13:17 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola

Witam. Poprosze o pomoc. Jeśli ktoś może ma pod ręką Omana i Napier`a to poproszę o odszukanie cytatów źródłowych dotyczących Fuengiroli.

Autor:  Zenobi [ 30 sie 2010, o 20:10 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola

Napiera znajdziesz na google books: ... ra&f=false

Omana niestety nie namierzyłem.

Autor:  Kamp [ 30 sie 2010, o 21:49 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola

Jeśli ktoś może ma pod ręką Omana i Napier`a

Scoucie, o jakie cytaty chodzi?
Mam Omana. Poświęca on akcji pod Fuengirolą 2 strony (tom 3, str.335-36) ...

Autor:  scout [ 31 sie 2010, o 11:32 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola

Bardzo dziękuję za pomoc. Kampie jeśli możesz mi podrzucić na priv lub tu zamieścić skany tych stron - będzie mi łatwiej.


Autor:  Kamp [ 5 wrz 2010, o 20:42 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola

Oto obiecany fragment dzieła Ch.Omana „A history of the Peninsular War” - t.3, str.335-337, poświęcony akcji pod Fuengirola.

Only two more incidents remain to be chronicled in the Andalusian campaign of 1810. Campbell, the governor of Gibraltar, had resolved—somewhat too late—to lend a small detachement to aid the Granadan insurgents. The plan which he concerted with the Spanish governor of Ceuta was that Lord Blayney with two British battalions from the Gibraltar garrison—the 82nd and 89th, and a Spanish regiment (Imperial de Toledo) from Ceuta, 2,200 men in all, should be thrown on shore at Fuengirola, twenty miles on the nearer side of Malaga, where there was a small French garrison and a depot of stores, which was serving for a brigade then engaged in the siege of Marbella, the town which had been garrisoned by Lacy in June, and which was still holding out gallantly in October.
It was calculated that, on hearing of a descent at Fuengirola, Sebastiani would come with the larger part of the garrison of Malaga to relieve the fort. But the moment that he was known to be nearing the expeditionary force, Lord Blayney was to re-embark and to make a dash at Malaga itself, which he could reach more swiftly by water than Sebastiani by land. Secret partisans within the city were ready to take arms, and the peasantry of the Sierra de Alhama were also enlisted in the enterprise. The scheme seems liable to many criticisms—the whole was at the mercy of the winds and waves of stormy October: what would happen if the weather was too rough to allow of re-embarkation, or of easy landing at Malaga ? And if Malaga were captured for the moment, for how long could 2,000 regulars, backed by a mass of undisciplined insurgents, hold it against the whole of Sebastiani's corps, which would be hurled upon it at short notice ? The expedition, however, was not actually wrecked on either of these dangers, but ruined by the folly of its chief. Lord Blayney landed successfully on October 13, and laid siege to Fuengirola, which was held by 150 Poles under a Captain Milokosiewitz. Instead of making the attack a mere demonstration, he brought some 12-pounders ashore, and set to work to batter the castle in all seriousness. Finding its walls commencing to crumble, he held on for two days, though, if he had reflected, he must have remembered that the garrison of Malaga might be with him at any moment. He was busily preparing for an assault, when Sebastiani suddenly fell upon him with 3,000 men from the rear. Apparently the English commander had neglected to keep up any watch on the side of the inland, and the peasantry had failed to send any intelligence of the fact that the French were on the move. The besiegers, taken entirely by surprise, and distracted also by a sortie of the little garrison, were rolled down to the sea-shore in confusion. Lord Blayney—a short-sighted man—rode in among some French whom he mistook for Spaniards, and was made prisoner in the most ignominious fashion. The Spanish regiment got off with little loss: it had kept its ranks, and forced its way to the boats after beating off an attack. The 82nd was partly on shipboard at the moment of the combat, and the companies which were on shore saved themselves by a steady rearguard action. But the battalion of the 89th was half destroyed, losing over 200 prisoners besides some forty killed. The utter incapacity of the British commander was best shown by the fact that if he had but carried out the plan on which he was acting, he would certainly have captured Malaga—for Sebastian had left only 300 men in the city when he marched on Fuengirola, and, if the expeditionary force had re-embarked twenty-four hours before the disaster, it would have found the place practically undefended, and Sebastiani a long day’s march away, and incapable of returning in time to save it.

Autor:  Malec3ppxw [ 9 lis 2010, o 14:03 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola


Jak zdobyć Mariana Kujawskiego "Z bojów polskich..."

Autor:  bavarsky [ 9 lis 2010, o 14:11 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola

Znajduje się w kilku bibliotekach w Polsce.
Natomiast wiem że jest w planach reprintowych jednego z wydawnictw. Powinna się ukazać jakoś w połowie następnego roku.


Autor:  Malec3ppxw [ 9 lis 2010, o 14:24 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Bitwa pod Fuengirolą - Batalia de Fuengirola

A czy posiadasz może, albo ktoś z was je w jakiejś cyfrowej formie? Jeśli nie to będę wdzięczny na namiar biblioteki.

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