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Ryszard Morawski, Adam Paczuski
The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw. Uhlans, honour guard, Noble Levy and mounted gendarmerie

The next album of the Duchy of Warsaw series is dedicated to the uhlans. It is the first that extensive study on the history of all uhlan regiments of the Duchy. The gouaches were painted by Ryszard Morawski and the text was written by Adam Paczuski, an expert in the field of Napoleonic Era uniforms.
Due to the broadness of the subject we've decided to divide the book into 2 volumes containing 189 colour plates. Ryszard Morawski basing on lesser known documentary sources points out interesting features of uhlan's uniform. Apart from the silhouettes of the infantry soldiers and cavalrymen he presents separately the details of the uniforms and the equipment. Each plate is captioned in Polish, French, English and for the first time also in German.
The author presents the roots of the uhlans describing Tartars formations in Polish service, front guard and national cavalry. The following chapters deal with Noble Levy from 1806 and 1809, honour guard and mounted gendarmerie. However, the main part of the text is dedicated to the history of 18 Polish and Lithuanian uhlan regiments of the Duchy of Warsaw and reconstructs their participation in Napoleonic Campaigns between 1806 and 1814. In a separate chapter Adam Paczuski focuses on the uniforms, weapons and equipment of this light cavalry formation. He also mentions the inseparable comrade of every uhlan, the horse. The illustrated part consists of 105 colour plates in the first volume and 84 in the second one. The final section of the second volume contains additionally the bibliography, alphabetical index of names and extensive summaries in French, English and German.

Publisher: KARABELA D. Chojnacka Warsaw 2009
ISBN: 978-83-61229-03-2
Pages: volume I: 296, 105 colour plates, volume II: 296, 84 colour plates
Format: 34 x 24 cm (9.8 x 13.6 in), hardcover, two volumes in a slip case
Language: Polish, descriptions and summary in English, French and German
Price: 106 Euro