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Polish Army of Duchy of Warsaw - Grenadiers

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Grenadiers as selected best infantry were formed in purpose to fulfill the most difficult tusks such as: protection of wings and forming the column to attack enemy and so on. In the napoleonic époque there was formed one company of the grenadiers in each battalion of infantry. Grenadiers were worn in white trousers, dark blue jacket with white facings, decorated with red armlets and applications in collar, carmasin wristbands and applications. Thy had white LEDERWERKI and cartridge boxes. On the heads there were bermycas made of fur with the golden shield, decorated with the red plume and silver cord. Armour of them was riffles with bayonet and sables with red sword-belts. On the back there were rucksacks made of skin, rolled blanket and sack fixed to the belt.