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Polish Army of Duchy of Warsaw - Foot artillery

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Foot artillery, means the canonries. They wore dark green jackets and green trousers in the winter or white czechczers (trousers) in the summer. Leibiks were white, caps and forage-caps were dark green. Individual weapons: sable and riffle with bayonet. In the back the rucksack with blanket.
Foot artillery started forming in November 1806 and several companies of it took part in fights in the Pomeranian region. Firstly there existed only three battalions (one at each legion) and from 1810 - in corps of artillery and engineering - regiment of foot artillery, that was composed with 12 field companies and 4 garrison companies. In the total sum in 1812 there was 25 companies ot this kind of weapon and additionally to this there was in each regiment half-battery light canons for support of the grenadiers and fusiliers.
Polish artilleries they were equipped usually in both conquered prussian and austrian weapons and several canons splayed by the French.